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We work with 100 % Brazilian direct labor.

Our unique prints are designed by graphic artist Catalina Estrada. In the digital printing process, small imperfections (which are not considered defects) may occur.


Maria Elvira Crosara

The relationship between Maria Elvira Crosara , art and fashion has ancient roots. Starts up by the union of two Italian families that settled in Minas Gerais around the turn of the century. The family begins the activities in agriculture and soon after began a smeltery, producing agricultural equipment.
In 1987, with 19 years old, Maria Elvira goes to Firenze (Italy), to study jewelry in the School of Fashion & Design, continuing the family tradition of casting with the new function of creating jewelry. In direct contact with the Italian fashion, she sketches the first lines of the union of jewelry and fashion design.
The first pieces of the Anunciação, founded in 1988, reflect the fusion of fabric and jewelry - pieces with unique prints and buttons of gold, pearls and Brazilian stones. After the stylist has added embroidery, enabling more versatility and possibilities for its application.

Maria Elvira, born in the South (Rio Grande do Sul), and rooted in Goiânia, was graduated in 2002, in the first class of Fashion Design of the Federal University of Goias, where shwe was able to combine the theory with a consistent.
In the routine that has been established, the designer always search for an aesthetic that combines the heritage with exuberant Brazilian syncretism and Latin America. The collections carry a certain nostalgia of childhood, and as well a not obvious sensuality. In this sense, the contemporary look is invaded by this history that restore every time, encouraging the creation of models in tune with the present time and that preserves the past, setting the tone that characterizes all remarkably timeless collection.
In 2003, at 15 years old, Anunciação opened its first store in Sao Paulo, at Oscar Freire - point of arrival and departure in other ways. 

In the designer´s opinion, the woman who wears Anunciação, regardless of their age, has a particular relationship with fashion and was distinguished by a particular way of chosing her clothes, mixing collections, without entering into a fake aesthetic - the dressing recover its place of highlighting the particular and special things in each person.


Our factory

The factory operates on a three-story building, built in the early 60’s in the old city center, with winding stairs made of red tiles that used to lead to old apartments - now transformed into business departments.

Furniture and modern machines contrast with thick walls, crockery and delicate gypsum flowers - a professional and family environment at the same time - that contributes to a special commitment and team identification in producing each piece.

Our address is: 34 10th Street, Setor Sul. ZIP Code: 74080-420. Goiânia, GO, Brazil.

"The eyes are the heart spies. They keep investigating what would please theyr holder."